Grow a profitable practice and become the business owner you've always imagined. Join our coaching community.  


"Before working with John I felt lost in how to move my practice forward. I had a lot of clients, but it was all through insurance, making my hourly income low and adding extra paperwork. This was extremely stressful and I did not feel financially stable. 

After working with John, I got a better handle on what it takes to build a thriving practice. I was able to leave insurance panels and am ready to hire another clinician!"

 -Alyssa Mairanz, LMHC

"I was stressed, didn't know my numbers, didn't realize the correct ways to make a website, market, SEO, etc. I feel more confident and secure now, and connected to others.

 -Julia Ayraud, LPC-S


"Everyone goes through the same roller coaster of emotions when starting their business. Knowing that is helpful. I feel John helps get to the heart of the issue and helps keep me focused on what is important." 

-Dr. Adam Mathews, PhD

Uplevel your practice.


We'll walk through my proven system for identifying where are, where you want to be, and what to do next to move the needle forward. We'll focus not only on hitting your income goals consistently, but also building a business that matters, one that has impact, and one that feeds your life rather than takes away from it.

Systems & Processes

Before we scale, we'll make sure that your business is built strong enough for more volume and scale. That means tightening up or adding new systems, processes, and automation. That also means hiring, outsourcing, and focusing in on your 80/20 (finding the 20% that is producing 80% of your results).

Marketing Mastery

I'll help you setup a proven system for getting new clients consistently. We'll build out a comprehensive strategy that is unique to your business and strikes the perfect balance between short and long-term approaches that work. We'll make sure your brand is uniquely you, and also has room to scale beyond you.

Scaling & Passive Income

I'll help you go beyond simply trading time for money. I'll teach you how to setup or refine additional streams of income so that you can start making money in your sleep. Together, we'll tackle the challenges and nuances that come with scaling, growing a team and shaping company culture, and having true impact with your business. We'll also design your business in a way that makes it possible to sell one day, if you so choose.

"Love working with John and other group members. Love John's authenticity and his knowledge and guidance! Well worth the investment and time!" -Community member

Meet John

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and business coach. I've built and scaled 5 businesses in 5 years.

I'm the former owner of a group counseling practice in Charlotte, NC (Sold in April 2019). I'm the host of a successful private practice podcast, and provide coaching to ambitious therapists all over the world on how to fill the empty slots on their calendar and build a better business without all the overwhelm.

Running a business can be hard, but it doesn't have to be, and you don't have to do it alone. 

"My private practice life before working with John was very confusing, with little to no 'roadmap' on how to scale or promote my business. I felt like I had a lot of pieces, but didn't know how to put them together." -Community member

 The nitty gritty.

Dates and Times

The new group will meet every week for 1 hour. Dates and times depend on your particular group. Each group is limited to 8 members.


We meet in a video conference room using Zoom. Each meeting, each member will share their "wins," and then 2 members will each have a "hot seat" where they'll get focused attention from the group. 

**You will also get one 30-minute individual coaching session with John per quarter.


Your investment to join our community is billed monthly. The true value of the group is beyond monetary.

**Your fees include lodging, food, and activities at our LIVE in-person reteat in the spring.

Grow a profitable practice and become the business owner you've always imagined. Join our coaching community.